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What are the signs and treatment of varicose veins?

Dr. Yadav Munde - Best Endovascular Surgeon in Pune 

Nowadays due to hectic schedules, most people suffer from leg and arm pain but never give complete attention to such pains. Does one realize it is often varicose veins during which veins swell and starts accumulating more blood than required and restricts blood flow in the right direction? If you’re also battling such quite pain and suspecting that it is often varicose veins then you want to consult a vascular surgeon in Pune to diagnose the difficulty exactly and if the result detects such issues then you want to approach a specialist for the simplest varicose veins treatment in Pune to make a fast solution for your issues and obtain obviate your pain.

Symptoms of varicose veins:

Varicose veins are very easy to diagnose it is often done physically too. While standing for a protracted period if you’re suffering continuous pain, observing a color change within the affected area, itchy legs, cramps in your legs while walking, are some major indications that may be seen clearly.

Varicose veins Treatment:

If the varicose veins are in its first stage then the maximum of the vascular surgeons recommend using compression stockings that compress your swollen veins and support them to maintain their original size and mechanism also. There is more varicose veins treatment in Pune which is recommended by experts for difficult vascular disorder and people are noted below:


For smaller sized varicose veins this sort of treatment is employed in which doctors insert a skinny wire into the affected vein to inject an answer into it which closes it permanently but not producing any side effect for the physical body.

Laser treatment:

Laser treatment is that the latest technology evolved within the medical sector to treat such varicose veins and make it noninvasive for the patient. It carried with the assistance of small laser rays to the affected vein and takes away the grume and helping the vein to revive the originality of the vein and its mechanism.

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